About Us


"I can't get over the fact that I should have done this a lot sooner"

Debi is an Expert Technician via Scalp Aesthetics, a Scalp Artist International Trainer, CPD Accredited and a Connecticut Licensed Tattoo Artist! Debi also trained with master artist Daniel Yerenburg!


"It's a minimal investment for a lifetime of mental health"

Since being in the beauty industry from age 17 Debi took a detour into the fitness industry but left whilst being an assistant to a celebrity hair/makeup artist. Debi's clients at the time included Billy & Alexis Joel, Christie Brinkley, Alexa Rae and Bruce & Patty Springsteen.


"Since I've gotten the procedure done I feel like I'm starting a brand new life"

Debi offers her clients the utmost in high-quality results, comfort and customer service treating each and every client as if they are Billy & Bruce level clients.